Oral Piercing

To clean oral piercings, mix about a tablespoon of salt into a gallon of water (preferably distilled water). Use this mixture every couple of hours to sterilize your new piercing.

With tongue piercings, realize that your tongue will swell and may make talking, eating, and swallowing difficult. To reduce the swelling, it is best to suck on chipped ice for about three hours following the piercing.

Because of the swelling of tongue piercings, the jewelry used initially is larger to minimize discomfort. Make sure that after your piercing has healed you come back to the shop to get fitted for properly sized jewelry.

Also, avoid the desire to play with your piercing. This can cause damage to your teeth and gums and usually bugs the people around you.

Finally, avoid smoking while your piercing is healing. Smoking increases the chances for infection and may cause irritation to the pierced area.